New Face: Duston At Rise

20 March 2013

While we are very much love our London boys, we can't possibly neglect all of the beauty out there in the rest of the world! That's why, this week, our new face feature comes to us all the way from Savannah, Georgia. Photographed by American photographer Rebekah Campbell, we think that Duston Rogers at Rise Models couldn't possibly look any more striking than in the stunning portrait taken amidst purple blossoms.

Shot in the neighbourhoods of downtown Savannah, we adore the suburban feel of the shoot with its sensitive pastel coloured tones, combined with the residential setting. Styled by Dylan Shaw, the candy coloured looks are the perfect combination of preppy style and classic American looks.

We are poking aound all sorts of exciting corners in the world of fashion and male models, and promise we have some exciting boys from exotic places to present to you in the future from a growing board of exciting fellow female photographers.

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