New Face: Aaron At Amck

17 April 2013

We are very happy to present this new face feature with Aaron Miller at AMCK Models. It’s not every day you meet a boy so confident and sure of who he is. He has experienced life more than most boys his age and the ending result has made Aaron wise, ambitious and strong. He is definitely a solider of some kind – not just physically, but mentally as well.

We feel like we could probably learn a few things from Aaron, he’s a guy that would make the perfect big brother. The one you look up to and copy everything they do – the brother you want to be just like when you grow up. Photographed in Cecilie Harris’ "studio environment" (aka carpark), we can see that Aaron most definitely doesn’t feel estranged to the camera lens. His confidence is refreshing, and we are drawn to the inner strength within his eyes – challenged by many, this boy is not backing down any time soon.

Not just strong-minded, Aaron also seems to be quite the ambitious dreamer. Being young today, it is so important to dream big and aim for the sky. Aaron does just that, and is determined to shine as bright as he can. Despite everything that is masculine about him, there is also something so cute about Aaron!

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