More Max For “Lessons”

16 January 2014

Following the much-anticipated release of our fifth issue, “Lessons” which featured the wonderful Max Wallis and his inspiring poetry, you can now take an even closer look at the beautiful lomography images that he and photographer Cecilie Harris created on the day. Full of great polaroids and cool lomography shots, this portrait series allowed Cecilie to fully put her LOMO camera to use and experimented with double exposures and such things. We really getting down with this Lomography!

The growing desire to capture moments on colour saturated film has truly become a worldwide phenomenon recently. Blurring, rainbow-coloured subjects and off-kilter exposure are things usually considered bad in photography, but with lomography these things allow for the photographer to be even more creative and really play around with their camera. Following both photographer and model as they explore East London together, the images below showcase the endless possibilities with lomography.
For more visual goodness, click here to buy yourself a copy of "Lessons", and experience the beauty of Max's poetry written exclusively for the issue.

We would like to thank Lomography London for making this shoot possible.

Words by Sara Gilmer.

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