More from “Closer” with Simon

16 March 2012

We thought it was about time to share some more images from our book "Closer". This time of Boys by Girls face Simon Jennings at Amck captured by Cecilie Harris.

We share some more images from Simon's story, plus a few outtakes previously unpublished. We are in a mood to spoil! These images captured in Simon's home in London in his dining room and bedroom. This intimate setting provide effortless images, that showcases Simon's beautiful and natural approach to modelling.

The story of Simon and Cecilie goes a bit like this; Boy meets girl. Girl photographs boy. Boy impresses and inspires girl like massively. Girl shoots boy regularly. Boy is a natural part of girls's photographic growth. Something like that. There is more to come with this boy. There is so much more to explore and capture. For a photographer it's amazing to be able to follow someone as they grow up and capture them through the different phases of their lives. We can't wait to see what the next chapter is.

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