Milo Wiik For Issue 9

30 November 2015

Is it necessary to organise your ideas? Whilst you are getting your ideas together, you should be quiet. There's a war inside, but remain tranquil and focused so that you can draw the necessity of your inspiration towards the surface. Is it necessary to be quiet, so that you can think and let your brain process it all? The artists mind knows the destruction of creativity.

Creative collectiveness is something Norwegian boy Milo Wiik has mastered. The creative mind, a vice once so sprawled with shrapnel, is now litter picked and uniformly presented. With his unique sensory for personal style, we intrude on Milo Wiik for our ninth issue. He presents himself with an air of honest grace. Growing up artistically - with an artist grandfather and carpenter father - Milo emanates effortless authority in the creative process of modelling in a beautiful fashion editorial "Milo's Poetic Justice" in our Autumn Winter '15 issue.

Be still, whilst the franticness of your thoughts settle like dust on the floor. Then and only then, you can begin to craft your mentality. The apparent serenity of the creator is never as simple as it seems - the destruction of the war is a personal attack. We compose the symphony of our process. We dance to the precision of the beat, but try to never be predictable. We must tickle the nerves of everything. My eyes remain shut. Wide shut. Trust yourself: open your eyes.

With milky editing, a warmth and saturated hue that's complimented with composure, the 8-page editorial flows in palet and lighting like renaissance paintings. Tenderly and poetically matched, photographer Isabel Watson captures Milo in an authentic and idyllic Norwegian setting. The relationship between photographer and model seems fresh and unfamiliar. Isabel uses the convenience of this relationship to tap into Milo’s creative background, in order to capture something pure and sensitive. With an air of classic minimalistic Scandinavian fashion, the styling - masterfully orchestrated by Jeanette Hoff - sets the tonality for the series. Working in harmony, each person involved curates a position of ventilated charge.

See the beautiful Milo Wiik in our latest issue of Boys by Girls available in stores and online now.

Model MILO WIIK at Heartbreak Management

Words by Harry Richards.

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