Miles Langford For “Lessons”

7 November 2013

Boys by Girls isn't just a fashion magazine; we like to tell stories, we like one chapter to lead on to the next. The new issue "Lessons" may introduce a number of new aspects to the magazine, but as important as they are, we will always continue to support old, friendly faces that are dear friends with Boys by Girls. An example of someone we have had the pleasure of supporting over the years is Miles Langford at New York Models; if you are a dedicated reader of Boys by Girls, you will no doubt recognise the tattooed stunner from the past.

Miles is one of the lucky ones. He doesn't need styling, grooming, or even direction; snap a photo of him and he will without a doubt come across as beautiful as ever, no matter the time nor place. In "A Place Called Youth", Georgie Wileman captured Miles in his London home, his London life - simply representing who he is. This time, however, we bring you a different side of Miles. We cross the pond to shoot Miles in the second chapter of life over in New York City.

There are some boys who we just can't get enough of, and who have so much more to give. Miles is one of the coolest guys you could meet, and in this series shot by Alina Negoita, we capture him laughing, smiling, and just simply being himself. This series represents the mature individual that Miles has grown into - the coolness that he radiates and how confident he is in his inked skin is portrayed better than ever through these stunning black and white images.

Alina has a magical talent of capturing male beauty. Her portraits are captivating, and the way she manages to look into a person's soul through a photograph is so special. Alina likes to work with natural light, to capture life simply as we know it. The two talented individuals come together in this beautiful series that we just can't get enough of. To fall in love with Miles all over again, head over here to purchase your very own copy of "Lessons".

Model MILES LANGFORD at New York Models

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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