Max Wallis For APCY

15 March 2013

Today we are giving you the very last preview from our 4th issue, 'A Place Called Youth', and what a good ending it is! We askedour favourite model/poet, Max Wallis at Models 1 to write a very special poem for the issue. The Boys by Girls team are no strangers to Max's writing skills, and we are big fans of his beautiful collection of poems 'Modern Love' that he released last year. Not only were we in love with the book, but it would seem that so is everyone else.

Max's poem titled "A Place Called Youth" is brilliantly crafted, and captures childhood and adolescence moments, perfectly suited to this Boys by Girls issue. Including moments from his own experiences playing with snails, making mud pies, plans to flood school and generally being a little terror as a kid, to emphasising feelings of shelter, friends, causing havoc and falling in love in the teen years, Max paints an impactful picture of what youth means to him.

"You feel like you have fallen in love with your best friend, then your teacher, and then a girl called Debbie. You make magic from shells."

He creates some fascinating imagery, conjuring emotions from descriptive scenes of nature and reference to his personal thoughts whilst growing up. Readers can also catch a glimpse into Max's life up until now, his decision to finally come to terms with his "cheekbones" and become the model he is today. Thankfully he decided to!

"Surprised by your face every time a photograph comes in or a company want to employ you as their billboard."

Make sure to check out the full poem by Max written for "A Place Called Youth" as well that the cheeky polaroid of the boy by photographer Georgie Wileman. If you haven't got yourself a copy of the magazine yet, there are still issues available to order from our very own BBG online shop, which you can find here.

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