Max Streetley For Issue 9

23 November 2015

Watching the world go by from the inside, wanting to be outside. We confine ourselves between walls for a sense of security, but can easily become locked away into a dull downward spiral of feeling trapped. Live beyond the inside of your head, beyond the inside of your room. Step out into the wild and be like a child rushing home from school to dive head first into the woods. On the first night of the festival, drink all of the beer you took that you planned to last all weekend.

Entering the house that he has transformed into a home, Sophie Mayanne photographs Max Streetley at Supa Model Management for Issue 9. Having charged into modelling at one hundred miles per hour with Louis Vuiton at the starting line, Boys by Girls take a moment with the model and BMX enthusiast to slow down. Coloured with an autumnal light, Max is captured in beautifully contemplative positions, as the boy who commands the runway meets the boy who simply wants to ride his bike.

“Can I say something about bikes again? Yes, I like bikes haha. With riding you can forget about everything and it takes your mind away from stressful things. My bike is pretty cool too.”

The song of the bike takes him into the forces of nature and away from the controlling demands of the inside world. See a brief preview below from Max’s 10-page print feature in issue 9, “Growing Sideways”, which is available to buy online here and in stores now.

Model MAX STREETLEY at SUPA Model Management

Words by Tim Sprague.

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