Marco at Sea for Issue 15

21 November 2019

It is said that beauty lies within the eye of the beholder, though as the gracious gazes of today’s youth are riddled and warped by the pestering plagues of pressures and pollutants, seeing clearly has never been more challenging.

In this editorial for our fifteenth issue Glede, photographer Chieska Fortune Smith wanders with the waves and amid green grasslands and gardens; capturing model Marco Varcoe of IMG Models immersed at the harbour of his foreshore family haven. It is around his home he finds his glede - that serene sense of solace conjured only among such sentimental spaces.

All too often, the walls that landlock the mainland are draped with dread and duress; a prickling plaster on a wilting wound - it can become easy to lose sight of what matters underneath. Like a costal castaway enveloped in hallowed familiarity, Marco sheds light on his sacred spots; baring memories of past, peaceful times along with the tides by which his family reside. Looking out beyond the laced nets that dress the caravan windows, back through the glass of the spore-soiled greenhouse, Marco unveils the stories behind the scenes which deliver him to a true state of inner peace. No matter the grey skies above, there’s never a rainy day at these hideaways.

Marco’s spirit is kindred with that of nature’s tranquil emission. Stylist David Nolan embeds the fragility of soft translucent textures within an ensemble of formal attire, reflecting an innate vulnerability below the peripheral surface. On every visit to his favourite places, Marco leaves a shard of himself behind so upon his next return he can reflect on all the times before. This way, if he gets lost amongst the day’s chaos, he knows where to go to find himself once more.

For more of Marco, take in the full 10-page editorial beyond these few teasers. Our brand new Autumn Winter '19 issue Glede is available now to buy online and in select stores worldwide.

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