Luke, Jay & Jamie

31 October 2013

Anyone familiar with Georgie Wileman's work will know that her personal photography is all about the rawness of images that simply capture life as it goes by, and this is exactly what she wanted to portray in the series "Skatepark". Skatepark is one of the unstyled features in our fifth issue "Lessons", where Georgie captures boys that inspire her in a beautifully grainy documentary series.

Luke Worrall at D1 Models is no stranger to Boys by Girls; and was previously featured in both issue 3 and 4. Much love for Luke. BMX'ing is part of what Luke does, and we wanted to show his personal story this time. He took Georgie to his favourite place, where she captured him doing what he is the most passionate about. And of course, the results were beautiful.

Jay Hiest at Nevs Models is the second boy in the series. Following Jay on his skateboard, Georgie captured the empty aura of Royal Oak Skate Park - a kind of stillness where memories of excitement and rush are left floating in the atmosphere.

Last but not least we have Jamie Kendrick at FM Models. Jamie is a boy with a lot of talents - aside from modelling. He often likes to jump on the other side of the lens, as he has a passion for photography himself. Like Jay he likes to take a break from the modelling scene by spending spare minutes he has on his skateboard. Skateparks are a place for people to feel free, let go of everything else in your life, and just do what you enjoy.

The most important aspect of a shoot like this is to tell it how it is - no styling, no set and no lighting, just a camera and a boy. The ability Georgie has to create such stunning images from such a simple setting is unique and so inspiring. In this series three very special boys give us a glimpse into their personal lives and how they like to enjoy their time. More lovely images of the lads can be found in issue 5, "Lessons". Make sure to get your copy here.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Georgie Wileman
MODELS: Luke Worrall (D1 Models), Jay Hiest (Nevs Models), Jamie Kendrick (FM Models)

Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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