7 May 2015

The harmony of black and white. The low-key, quite unspoken tones. The colours we forget, but are always there. Deep contrast and moody shadows converge in the monochromatic, catching our eyes, drawing us in.

Ricky Flower's flawless skin, deep gaze and silent movements dance fluidly through the frames. Composed thoughts and movement provoke a subtle emotion and touches of soft, captivating movements. The motionless expressions are portrayed statically, as though a part of an abstract painting. We let Ricky’s fluid movements speak out to allow his true form to be exposed. Ricky Flowers (Elite Models Manila) is a boy with a list of talents, including acting, something that becomes appearent to Shaira as she captures her images. A performance begins to reveal as the silent movements and expressions of the images speak out.

Photographer Shaira Luna (East Jedroot) captures Ricky from a variation of angles that enthrals a soothing element like a contemporary dance or the sound of an instrumental song. A low-key vibe infused with intricate detail and harmonious light is what brings each frame to life.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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