Louis Rault For Issue 10

23 May 2016

“To create art, two souls must come together in a common vision.”

Typically, the female is depicted as the muse for a male artist to manipulate as he so pleases. More often than not, females are churned out as sexualised objects for the entertainment of men, and if this injustice makes the hairs on your arms prickle and your teeth grind, then this exclusive collaborative image series for our tenth anniversary issue 'Muse', will most definitely appeal to you.

Taking visual inspiration from Jean-Luc Godard’s classic film ‘Pierrot Le Fou’, photographer Sophie Ebrard, French-Japanese artist and model Louis Rault join forces. In this unique meeting between two artistically visionary minds, you find them seeking inspiration within the distinctive shades of rouge et bleu that Godard is renowned for. Alongside the sidewalks and cobbled streets of Paris, the duo challenge the perception of the clichéd muse.

By turning this convention on it’s head, Boys by Girls have created a unique celebration of two minds, representing artist and muse. The scene unfolds beautifully to portray the meeting of their two worlds and the working relationship they developed throughout their day together.

See the full 10-page stunning image series in our Spring Summer Issue ‘Muse’, which is now available to buy online and in stores.


Introduction by Anna Sampson.

BBGIssue108Louis Rault
BBGIssue1016Louis Rault
BBGIssue1017Louis Rault
BBGIssue1018Louis Rault
BBGIssue1023Louis Rault
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