Lewis Watson For Issue 8

5 June 2015

The hustle and bustle of Oxford. The precarious home of one of Britain's prestigous Universities, a tourist haven and a landmark of British heritage. In the centre of the city lies another spark, adding to the ongoing list of the towns accolades. Sparkly eyed and ambitious, we meet singer and songwriter Lewis Watson amongst the cobbled streets and quaint shops for Issue 8.

"Sensitive is kind of a poo poo word. People don't really like being called sensitive, but in my case it's true..."

A young soul with an old heart. A gentle voice with sad lyrics. Lewis Watson touches souls and plays with your heart strings, as he is captured in one of his old - hangouts by Editor-in-Chief Cecilie Harris, a corner street pub. Quaint and quiet. Simple and homely.

Aside from the sad songs and sensitivity that resonates in Lewis', you soon learn more about the humbleness behind the emotions. Modest about his accomplishments, Lewis could possibly be the most chilled out guy in Oxford. Stylist Josh Tuckley mixes the sophisticated with the cool and casual, exploring the ever-changing likability Lewis has to his charming personality.

We invite you to grab a copy of grab a copy of Issue 8 available (in shops or online) to see more than the short preview below. With more images of the Oxford beauty and a charming exclusive interview, you will learn more about this pleasant and polite gentleman, as we talk to him about success, dimmer lights and his inspirations.

Photography Assistant RACHEL ABEBRESE

Words by Rachel Abebrese.

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