LCM: Topman SS15

16 June 2014

As we took our seats at the Topman show, what looked like a festival flyer had been left on our seats: ‘SEVENTIESNINETIES, Woodstock, Old school-trainers’ and ‘glam, clubbing’ protested the flyer. Pop goes Topman! Moving noticeably against the general consensus that street-wear is King this season Topman got nostalgic. Video footage was projected onto the concrete walls of the venue revealing bleached out Mexican vistas and psychedelic reels of Tye-dye print. Welcome to Topman’s summer of love.

As the Beatle’s track burst out, so did the first boy in full 70s get-up. If Scooby Doo’s Shaggy had a much cooler, more sartorially savvy older brother, he was here at the Topman space today.

The music paved the way. You could imagine any one of Topshop's boys sifting through vinyl at your local record shop or tapping their foot at a smoky gig in a rough part of town. Bell-bottom flares, mock-turtle necks, chevron stripes, double denim suits and breathtakingly tight tees with beaded necklaces reigned. Slogan T shirts cooed ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Mexico’, as the boys, clearly quite enjoying themselves, bobbed along to the music. Festival flares and skin tight floral turtle necks changed key when the music did. Suddenly Brit Pop blared out, and boys rocking the rocker look sporting John Lennon glasses and wide-lapelled refresher sweet shade suits. The shaggy hair-styles, milk bottle glasses and super-tight jackets and trousers screamed ‘Le geek c’est chic!’.

Brit pop then descended into full blown Las Vegas disco music and fur-lined parkas and patterned suitcases starred. A favourite look of ours was a purple and magenta floral-printed terry cloth robe top with co-ord shorts and matching suitcase. This guy was almost certainly heading to pack up his VW van and head for the coast. Yeah baby!

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Nellie Eden.

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