LCM: The Models Survival Guide

20 June 2014

If it weren’t for models, an event like London Collections: Men wouldn’t exist. Walking down a catwalk in a variety of different types of clothes some people might not think would be the hardest job in the world, but it is definitely a tiring one and takes a certain finesse, with early starts, constant preening and beautiful venues - we applaud The Boys of LCM.

LCM is a busy time for any model and getting booked for as many show as possible may be key for your modelling career. As a model it’s your time to shine and make yourself well known in the fashion industry, even if that’s going to the obligatory after parties and drinking free champagne (which unfortunately certain interns didn't get to attend as they/we were busy writing features for the next day - check out our Intern guide to surviving fashion weeks).

If you are relatively new to modelling and have just survived your first London Collections, you would have learned that LCM brings some challenges in the mids of all the fun and games. All the running around rushing from one place to another, the sore feet, the lack of sleep, the makeup and hair and the constant flow of photographers trying to capture a picture of you and what you are wearing. This feature is a recognition to the boys underneath the clothing, the ones who are walking the shows. As a gift from us to you, and to give everyone who follows fashion a little insight into what the boys of LCM might be going through, we have created this very special BBG Model Survival Guide. So take down some notes and remember… stay safe, eat well, sleep good and always remember to ring your mum before you go to bed.

The Models Survival Guide to LCM

1. ‘Sleep good, Eat good’ - The first tip is a food tip from Kristoffer Hassleval. It may be obvious to me and you, I would say a priority, but for models it’s not as easy. With early mornings and late finishes there just isn’t much time to scoff down a sandwich or grab a burger and milkshake from Shake Shack. The solution to this is to either; make your mum make you a packed lunch for the day ahead full of cereal bars and tinfoil wrapped sandwiches OR become a better model so you can walk for the "better" shows where they supply food. Simple.

2. Grab your additional Fifteen Minutes of Fame - Don’t pass up the opportunity to have a chat with people, whether it be magazine people or Lady Gaga, all press is good press. The more approachable and chatty you are the more people you will meet, surely leading to more jobs, more money and more friends.

3. Play it Cool - Don’t be too keen. The trick is to wear your best sunglasses (because everyone looks cooler in shades) and perfect your best natural pose. Be careful not to let the fame of modelling go to your head cause that's never attractive, soo be cool, calm and collected.

4. Take a Break. - Everyone needs a little down time now and again. Whether its grabbing an alcoholic beverage, cigarette or putting on your favourite chill out hat, it’s important to ensure you make time for yourself to relax. At the end of the day, you are your work, the better you feel, the better you will look and perform.

5. Bring your Dad - Why not. You’re never too old to bring your dad. For that extra bit of reassurance, a manly chat and a pint after the show, your dad is the perfect companion to a busy and hectic few days on the catwalk, at least if it's your first season. Also, nobody yells at you for being late if your dad is next to you. He may not enjoy all the stressed out people backstage though, so he might feel more relaxed in the pub next door till you're out of the stress and ready to run to your next one.

6. Wear a Rucksack - There are endless advantages to rucksacks. You have two free arms, they seem to have endless amounts of room in them for all your stuff and they are undeniably cool. They are essential to any fashion week in any country. Also Rucksacks = fashion. It's a win win situation.

7. Coffee and Cigarettes - We don’t condone cigarettes, but they are definitely the perfect excuse to get outside and have some fresh air during castings and backstage chaos. Grab yourself a smoking buddy or coffee friend and give yourself a break during fittings.

8. Socialise - Being a model means you are constantly meeting new people. Make friends with the people you are with and try to remember the people you’ve spoke to before. It’s always good to socialise with people outside of work to give yourself time to remember; who is the real you. Deep!

9. Confidence - There is a fine line between being cocky and confident. Be yourself and be open-minded. Fashion is a weird but wonderful world, so make sure you embrace it and are open to learn as you go along.

10. Comfy Shoes - The final and probably most important tip we can give to you is shoes! Make sure you buy yourself a good pair of shoes, whether they be boots, trainers or sandals, just make sure they are comfy. Half the time, the shoes given to you to wear for a show don’t really fit, so keeping your feet in good condition is pivotal. If you want to go that extra step, then maybe buy a foot bath to massage your feet after a long day. Footbaths can be manly too.

Photography by Cat Wilding.
Words by Mollie Smee.

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