LCM: The English Gentleman

17 January 2013

On the second day of the London Collections: Men we ventured into Mayfair for the Men of Savile Row presentation. With no clue what to expect, we were amazed when we stepped into the extraordinarily grand building, it was like entering an entirely different world to the one that we had just come from. After a hectic day rushing around to see all the shows at the London Collections: Men, the Savile Row presentation was a welcome change and a marvel of elegance.

Wandering around in luxury (they even took our coats!) we were greeted by dashing men in every room; each one of them dressed in the finest tailoring. We can honestly say we have never seen so many beautifully dressed men at one time – we were surrounded. Not that this was a bad thing. In any way. With each new room came an array of suits and traditional British costume, it almost felt like walking on to a film set.

Our favourite scene by far was set up in the dinning room and this wasn’t only because we got to see the lovely Sam Harwood at Models 1 (whom you should recognise from our 'Suit Up' editorial)... but boy did it help. Photographer Ieva Blaževičiūtė made sure to catch a few cheeky frames with him before we left… and yes. He is that beautiful in person. Add to that 20 other boys and men all looking extremely dapper in black and white tie and we can say that ‘One’ is most definitely onto a winner.

Photography by Ieva Blaževičiūtė.
Words by Hannah Fickling.

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