LCM: Richard James SS16

15 June 2015

So we were a tad skeptical when we were dragged underneath a building to sit inside a slightly chilly car park to watch the Richard James show. It was cold, we’d been on our feet all day and quite frankly it was too dark for our liking. This all changed as soon as the sound of tweeting birds and the drizzle of rain began to echo through the room, and as if by magic the lights went up to reveal a clean slate for the models to swarm on to.

To describe the collection in one word, it would be loud. In the best possible way, of course. Everything about the show was loud, from the print to the cuts to the music. The atmospheric jungle noises created a really excitable, but relaxed buzz in the room as if the audience were watching the models embark on an incredibly well style adventure.Two of which, by the way, were familiar BBG faces. Both Charlie James, who's featured in our most recent issue, and O'Shea from issue 2 graced the cat walk with their presence.

The colour palette was full of greens, blues and golds swirled into intricate patterns on suits, shoes and hats. The show was saturated with attention to detail, from the little scarlet feathers pinned to the lapels of the suits, to the shoes made off matching fabrics to the beautiful Savile Row tailoring of the jackets, trousers and shorts. In true Richard James style, the collection was intensely coherent and flowed perfectly as if we were following a transition from one outfit change to the next.

Words by India Opie Meres.
Photography by Cleo Glover.

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