LCM: Palmer Harding AW14

10 January 2014

Tucked away on the second floor of the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, the Palmer// Harding AW14 presentation was kicking off, or should we say, chilling out the guests of this year's LCM. With plush bean bags for you to sink yourself into, you were immersed into the world around their beautiful collection presented so effortlessly on film by our own editor-in-chief Cecilie Harris behind the camera. Cecilie captured one of her favourite boys of the moment Anders Hayward at Supa Model Management, showing off not only his gorgeous features but also his talent as a dancer and choreographer. ‘It’s like he is floating from room to room’ I overheard someone saying. ‘I just love how it goes with the music. I am so relaxed in here right now ‘ another spectator remarked. And I could not have agreed more with them. The Palmer harding video presentation flowed so beautifully, interchanging from black and white to colour imagery with the golden London sun reflecting the stunning design of the collection. After watching the film a handful of times (getting into an almost hypnitic state, in a good way) I finally forced myself out of the bean bag to get an insight with the designers themselves on what they had to say about the presentation.

What was your inspiration behind this collection?
One of the things that we were looking at was the idea of the casual attitude that the T-shirt carries into the proceeding formality of a shirt, with those attitudes and the casualness comes a youthful freedom and so for us it was about taking that youthful freedom and casual attitude and applying that to the shirts. A lot of our pieces have a T-shirt front and a shirt back so we have created these hybrid type pieces. We introduced the T-shirt for the first time just to give a youthful edge and compliment the shirts.

And look who popped in to watch the Palmer Harding video; it's Charlie Mills!

When you were creating the video for this presentation, what were you hoping for people to feel and think while they were watching it?
We want them to smile. We want them to feel like they have taken a big breath of air and a big sigh of relief. I think it is a very chic and serious film, but its not nessasarily stern. I think a lot of times in fashion you get a lot of pouty faces and moody images, there is moodiness to this and also emotion. But at the same time theres also a lot of liberation and I think it's that liberation that we wanted to achieve.

I’ve overheard some people saying that they have found sitting in here incredibly relaxing and that they found the video quite hypnotizing, is that the sort of vibe that you wanted to achieve with this?
Yeah, I think its really good that that’s the effect this has had on people. I don’t think it could have been achieved without the combination of people involved; we couldn’t have done it without giving freedom to Cecilie and Anders, and letting them allow their creative talent to flow. I think you can sense that freedom and collaboration between all the creative minds that were working on this.

You picked Anders as your model for this. Is one of the reasons why you picked him because he is also a dancer?
Yes - we shot Anders in our third season when he was just a new face and we knew that he was a dancer back then. We then mentioned it to Cecilie that maybe we want to create a dance film and she told us how he wanted to explore his dancing further, and obviously we think that he is a beautiful boy. It’s just nice that he wanted to do it and be involved and collaborate.

And lastly, I love the choice of music for the film, how did you choose that?
I think because the music for us, well for one it's got a retro feel about it which everyone can relate to, but also the music has a build up; its tense and anticipatory at the beginning and there’s this release. It’s the full release that we wanted to inject into the collection, but you need that tension right before.

Thank you so much, I think it was beautiful!

Photography by Paola Vivas.
Words by Cleo Glover.

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LCM2014 Paola_Vivas-91
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