LCM: Oliver Spencer SS15

17 June 2014

Oliver Spencer knows his target audience well, and this season he bought Brazilian carnival fever to the runway. The show opened noisily with tribal drums rousing a pre-lunch audience. Despite the South American soundtrack Spencer’s man this season was very much a London town Summer gent.

Spencer was inspired by the colour-blocked facades built by Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Spencer specials, such as suiting and workman style overcoats were accordingly updated through a spicier palette than previous collections. Audience members witnessed a plethora of tailoring; blazers, three piece suits, jackets and lounge pants in pale blue, moss green, yellow ochre and chestnut. Sportswear is on every rail this season and Spencer has drunk the kool-Aid too- waterproof macs, collarless striped shirts, and oversized sweaters gave him an athletic edge. Bursts of red plaid in the shape of shorts, and a Blu Tack blue summer suit was a highlight.

Accessories were key too, and brogues were two-tone, sunglasses red and bowling bags were finished in suede browns and mustards. This was very much a man about town doing sunny sky weather - ‘Daddy cool’ was what sprung to mind. It was all ankles at Spencer too with slim trousers getting the old pin-roll treatment. All the better to see the brogues we say. Now to see if they’ll come in women’s sizes.

Photography by Alicja Zielasko.
Words by Nellie Eden.

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