LCM: Matthew Milller AW15

11 January 2015
"I want to destroy everything. I can't help it, it's in my nature. I want to tear everything down, and rebuild it, re-appropriate it. I want to shroud us in the remnants of a beautiful chaos."

There is something so special about Matthew Miller. It's his ability to discover something magical in something dark. Something so beautiful in the drowning chaos of the world. This season at LCM, it's all about progression. Matthew Miller is amongst a number of designers who have proven their amazing knowledge of garment construction and the physicality of clothes throughout their AW15 collection. He reached into the deepest corners of our every day lives to source out alternative fabrications such as canvas and wool, and experimented with the relationship these materials have with the body. He destroyed pieces and put them back together, discovering how far he can take a piece of material on order to turn it into something that's beautifully wearable. Garments are a little toned down, a little less in your face, as it's all about the textures, the details and the construction. It's the little things.
In this collection, it's all about the would of's and the should of's - what we never had and never will have. It's all about what's missing, as this is Miller's interpretation of the world we live in today. He explores the lack of everything; the way things were supposed to be. The curiosity of what we will never have.
A simplistic colour palette of beige, navy and reds allowed for the textures to speak for themselves. Ripped up hems, fringed ends, subtle two-toned prints and a done-undone feel were amongst the details of Miller's collection.
Matthew Miller progressed in more ways than one this season as he also brought out a number of girls onto the catwalk - perhaps a womanswear collection is something we can get excited about seeing in from this exciting designer in the near future.

Images by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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