LCM: Matthew Miller AW14

7 January 2014

Matthew Miller is a good friend of BBG, so we were super excited to catch his show at LCM yesterday to see what he has been working on for the past six months. As expected, we were really impressed! One of the most attractive aspects of the creative industry is the depth in which individuals go to in order to seek out inspiration and concepts - Matthew Miller is one of the best examples of these talents. With a heavy interest in everyday politics, the designer went in a completely different direction to discover his inspiration for AW14. Miller asked ten people close to him to write a short text describing their everyday reality, both dreams and problems. Through these texts, the designer takes a look into "the random insecurities of human nature", which transforms into an intriguing and moving collection.

What stuck out the most for us was the androgenous theme that ran through the clothes and the models - long haired, high cheek boned boys filled the catwalk accompanied by short haired females as Miller also fits a few womenswear looks into the collection. A number of boys also had no hair - it seemed to be one or the other and no inbetween, leaving the whole look even more intriguing and eye-catching; it is clear how important the casting was for this show. We also spotted Harry Curran at AMCK Models and Chris Arundel at Storm Models on the catwalk - Harry was one of our "Faces of Summer 2013" and Chris was featured in BBG issue 5 "Lessons", so it was a pleasant surprise to see these two rocking Matthew Miller's looks.

Restricted to muted shades of navy, green, black and beige, Miller keeps the colour spectrum simple and smart, leaving us to focus on the immaculate detailing in each garment. With a combination of clean cut tailoring, pure quality fabric and experimental, almost rebellious pieces, it is clear that Miller had a diverse range of thoughts and ideas when creating his AW14 collection. We will always continue to support you Matthew Miller - not only are we in love with the intelligence of his collection, but he managed to cast some of our favourite models too.

Photography by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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