LCM: Margaret Howell AW14

8 January 2014

We had a fantastic start to Day 2 of London Collections: Men yesterday with the Margaret Howell AW14 show. This season, Howell presents a clean and simple collection that is soft on the eyes, as a palette of muted browns and blues filled the catwalk. You always have a slight idea of what to expect from Howell - and I mean this in the best possible way. Margaret Howell is a designer that you can rely on.

Her signature style that consists of comfort, classic tailoring and a focus on pure quality fabrics is the simple reason as to why she is so successful. Every garment is designed with intelligence. The strength of a collection can be found in many forms, and in Howell's case, it is her meticulous attention to detail - we're talking about those loosely fit button down shirts that still flatter the male body, the carefully selected tones that merge as if they were made for each other; every detail is as immaculate as the next.

The models looked relaxed, natural and windswept to mirror the relaxed attitude of the looks this season. And of course we have to mention the oh so impressive line up - the gorgeous top 5 Supa boy Arthur Gosse opened the show, followed by Max Rendell (also Supa) and Elite London boy Freddie Stoker. Joe Collier and James Gatenby at FM also rocked the catwalk, as well as Ben Waters and Konan Hanbury at Models 1 (who was featured in the latest BBG issue "Lessons"). Phew, that's a lot of impressive boys!

Well done, Margaret Howell - we're impressed, once again.

Photography by Cecilie Harris.
Words by Justtine Hyde-Mobbs.

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