LCM: Lou Dalton SS17

12 June 2016
"When I grew up my brother and I used to walk the fields without a care in the world. Walking to me has always meant freedom, something that I wanted to express in this collection." - Lou Dalton
Have you ever been to a party on the moors? In the middle of nowhere where it's just you, your friends and someone's car with the doors wide open blaring music? There's nothing for miles around and if you really think about it, it's quite scary how alone you are. It's the perfect setting for a teen horror movie, but the best thing about all of this? No boundaries or restrictions and obviously you aren't bothered by a bit of drizzle.
Tousled locks of wet, untamed hair is met by fresh skin and dewy eyes as Lou Dalton's boys bring the moors to the city. What started as a navy uniform quickly transformed into rich tomato reds and beautifully indulgent mustards. There was an essence of practicality to the collection with the large welt pockets on the jackets and kangaroo pockets on the back. Although the majority of the garments may look minimal and simplistic, don't be fooled. Tone-on-tone webbing and super lightweight material bring together fashion and the great outdoors with no style compromise. Fabric research is very important to Lou and the technical ability showcased in this collection promises the continuation of a relationship for future seasons. Are you imagining those lovely countryside walks yet? With footwear by Teva, the boys walked down the catwalk, as we dreamt of escaping London for some country walks on our own.
Smooth co-ord pieces and the incredible detail of merino wool sweaters in bold colours was something new for Dalton. Collaborating with John Smedley they incorporated printed map details of Eaton-upon Tern and Stoke-on Tern from her hometown of Shropshire. These stunning additions to the collection took us on yet another charming adventure. We present to you Lou Dalton's Spring Summer 2017 urban uniform; merging the elements with fashion.

Words by Savannah Liu.
Photography by Caoimhe Hahn.

01_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
01_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
02_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
03_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
04_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
05_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
06_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
07_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
08_Lou Dalton_Caoihme Hahn
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