LCM: Lou Dalton SS16

14 June 2015
"This is a collection for men who love clothes, and all the memories their clothing evokes. It's recalling that feeling of coming of age, that euphoria in a place where you belong." - Lou Dalton

After last season's collection of striped back colour and a focus on simplicity, for her Spring Summer 2016 collection Lou Dalton presents us with a refreshing summer palette, bold prints and contrasting fabrics.

In our interview with the menswear designer in the new Boys by Girls print issue, Lou Dalton explains the importance of detail and designing so that "each piece alone tells a story". This is an aspect that Dalton never overlooks; oversized pockets were a focus this season, along with featherlight nylon, cotton knits and a variation of fabric (some including the smoothest fabric you'll ever feel). Transparent lightweight rain coats, blue checked shirts and loose fit shorts were the garments of the collection. We stroked the white rain coat in the showroom afterwards.... like a lot. Matching bucket hats finished off the look, as the designs embraced a balance of casual wear and tailored pieces. The clothes carry a strong British heritage, as Dalton never strays far from her roots. That isn't all the menswear designer brought to the table this season though, as she combined traditional influences with inspiration from the Casuals and the late 80s/early 90s rave scene.
BBG has always had a soft spot for Dalton, and featured an honest portrait and interview with the lovely Lou at her studio in our latest issue, where Cecilie and the talented designer bonded over hard work and gen x amongst other things. For more of a glimpse into the story behind the menswear designer, click here.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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