LCM: Lou Dalton AW16

10 January 2016

We're off to the seaside with Lou Dalton this season, as she heads out to Shetland for her AW16 inspiration. Earrings inspired by fisherman's tags, hand knit cable sweaters, and gilets inspired by life jackets. There's a sense of comfort amongst it. To Dalton, Shetland feels like a home away from home - "the nature, the history and it's overwhelming beauty".

It is hard not to love the fluffy fleeces and trousers - what's better than cosying up by the fire in a teddy fur jumper? It's ultimate comfort from piece to piece, whether it is the lace up leather boots, fleece bombers or wide leg sweatpants. Fisherman's net print took over sweatshirts while outerwear and trousers also appeared in large checkered traditional print.

There seems to be a real emphasis on function and construction this season. Coats and blousons feature detachable colours to alternate for attachable hoods. It's a versatile look perfect for our bipolar English weather, prepared for all.

Lou's search for comfort or "home" in her collection is a lovely continuation from last season, which was about the British boy and coming of age in a place where you belong. We love this road of discovery; it works. We can all relate and it draws you in with a sense of nostalgia. It looks like we might be a fisherman's friend, after all.

Words by Justine Hyde - Mobbs
Photographs by Cleo Glover

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