LCM: Kit Neale SS15

17 June 2014

From Peckham to Elephant and Castle to...the West Coast?! This season Kit Neale officially left London, boarded a Kit themed Boeing 747 and landed in 1950s Americana. Think gas stations, cowboys and the USA's finest creation: the glass coca cola bottle.

'I'm wearing these amazing trousers that have a flight manual printed on them. I might have to borrow them when I fly to Milan tomorrow' gushed Joey Rogers at Supa Model Management. 'I'm wearing the dungarees!' chimed Anders Hayward. 'What you got the dungarees?!'- Joey wasn't too pleased. The boys were joined by a strong exclusive Supa Models cast. The pieces were certainly talking points, the prints becoming the hot topic. Prints ran across the entire collection and raised; cartoon cacti, a Kit mascot riding a cola bottle and retro aeroplanes danced across double breasted suits, plush satin joggers, silk bombers and knitwear. The cactus suiting was a triumph and the pink leather dungarees got a few wolf whistles back stage.

As if the garments weren't cute enough the icing on the cactus was the hair. Alfalfa style dos were achieved with monstrous amounts if coconut oil and hairspray and left Cameron Diazs hair moment in Something About Mary on the mind. 'I'm not sure I'll be wearing my hair out, but it smells great' quipped Joey. Another quirky detail were the travel talisman em created in collaboration with Tatty Devine. The little plastic and marabou monsters were hooked around bent buckles. 'He's been getting lots of compliments' joked Merlin Watts. I love him.

The presentation itself was true to the comic book attitude of the clothes. A ply mobile style runway became the catwalk, and the stage was flanked by balsa wood 'Kit' aeroplanes. Props to our Contributing Editor Way Perry who's styling upped the cute factor even further. Printed hankys were knotted about the head like old fashioned sunbathers and dungarees and trousers were given dorky turn ups.

Yippee! yelped the Stetson toting Kit mascot that starred in most of the patterns. Yippee indeed!

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Nellie Eden.

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