LCM: Kit Neale AW15

10 January 2015

"No teddy bears were harmed during the making of this coat."

Okay, so maybe he's still dreaming of teddy bears, but some may say Kit Neale is growing up. Known for his free spirited radical designs, the young designer combines playful colours with fun illustrations and relatable concepts. This season, for Kit Neale's first ever solo runway show, the progression is clear as the menswear designer presents us with dark tones, primary colours and graphic inspired bold prints.

Fear not though; the fun loving aesthetic that we all know and love is still very clear and prominent amongst Neale's collection. Top hats, teddy bears, geometric prints and scattered typography are just a few of the components that graced the Kit Neale catwalk this season.

For AW15, Neale finds his inspiration amongst the mayhem of a traveling circus - Shiapoarelli's 1938 Circus collection in particular - and adds just the perfect amount of wearability into his designs. Full looks of textured jumpers, cut off trousers and matching hats in seas of dark grey blues, burnt oranges, navy blues and burgundy reds. Shirts, bomber jackets and t-shirts are invaded by graphic pop art inspired alphabets and abstract graphic shapes.

And maybe we are being a tiny bit bias here, but we can't help but think Kit Neale had the best casting of them all; issue 7 cover boy Elliott Vulloid as well as BBG faves Robbie McKinnon, Anders Hayward and Fionn Creber (all at Supa Model Management) all appeared amongst the circus, making us very happy people indeed.

So to lose yourself in some Kit Neale dreams, put on "The Carny" by Nick Cave, grab your top hat, curl your hair and cut out a colourful alphabet and throw them in the air. Welcome to the Circus.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Justine Hyde-Mobbs.

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Kit Neale AW15-1
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Kit Neale AW15-4
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