LCM: Katie Eary AW16

12 January 2016

The twangs of guitar strings rung deep through the veins of Victoria House, the home of LCM. Feet tapping and heads anxiously bobbing; we were set for a rock ’n’ roll take off.

This season Katie Eary felt more mature, refined and ever so sophisticated. It was the first use of black from the designer of whom we expect a joyous spectrum of colour. From previous season’s strong colours, we were presented with a new colour scheme this season: poisonous purple, royal blue, rust orange, pewter silver and a body of black: all very well fitting for rock royalty. Prints were re-appropriated as Eary took masculine classics, such as polka dot and candy stripes, to create cobra dots for the more exotic. A highly feminist injection of printed butterflies, cobras and fish stamps also made for a fusion of the dark and beautiful.

Crushed velvet choked the boys and girls as they floated down the runway. Silk robes flawlessly draped off the models and their laced up biker trousers prevailed. The models dragged their shearling stoles along the floor in a teenage angst daze of ultra disposition. A circus of velvet tulle, baby doll dresses and purple high shine petrol trousers appeared, but the oversized black shearling coat that opened the show dominated the runway.

Carrying the models were quite a selection of footwear: patent chelsea boots, Agent Provocateur's fluffy heeled slippers and let’s not forget the harness stockings. The feeling was deeply sensual, silk fabrics and our finest sleepwear. The Rock ’n’ Roll vibe was further channeled into hair and make-up with mod style hair for the boys and Bardot up do’s for the ladies. Make-up; exaggerated with flirty eyelashes and pinched blush pink lips that somehow managed to work for all the looks. A collection for everyone. Eary showcased gender fluidity at it’s finest.

Words by Rosie Williams.
Photographs by Cleo Glover.

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