LCM: Katie Eary AW15

13 January 2015
Brain heads, organs and body parts invading; unfamiliar emotions and feelings forcing themselves through your body, twisting into your soul and out again leaving you in awe and intrigued as to how something simply visual can have such a physical effect on your body. This was the focus behind Katie Eary's AW15 show.
Titled "Areas of Flesh", pieces were inspired by the effect that art has on our bodies; turning such a hard to define feeling and concept into something visual and wearable. Inspired by contemporary artists Jeff Koons and KAWS, the collection came in a mix of hot pink, orange, royal blues and aubergine. Shimmering rollnecks, glitter nike sneakers and gradient jumpers were amongst Eary's eclectic take on modern streetwear. Koons' famous balloon dog was reimagined in the form of brains, teeth and rib cage imagery; jeans were taken apart at the crotch, hunter hats were made of fur and three-dimensional brains took over knit jumpers.

After last season's focus on denim and the South West, it's nice to have Katie Eary come back with a bang of the bright colours and laid back designs that she is known for. As usual, make-up played a large part of the show - crayon doodles surrounded the eyes and colourful brains were placed on the heads. Each piece of Eary's collection is the brilliant designer's interpretation of the crazy world of art and what it does for the world, from her hand painted textures to the classic graphic tees she is known for.

P.S - I can't help but praise the designer for her great taste in music too, as the models marched to the beautiful sounds of one of my personal favourite producers; Four Tet

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Justine Hyde- Mobbs.

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