LCM: Katie Eary AW13

12 January 2013

Let’s all raise our glasses to the wonderful Katie Eary and her gorgeously print-tastic collection for Autumn/Winter 2013. Proving that she could take on the male menswear designers (and doing it for all the girls out there, Yes!) Eary sent boys down the runway wearing a beautiful combination of both classically tailored coats and hypnotisingly colourful prints on modern fabrics.

With initial inspiration coming from the paintings of eighteenth century banquets: these were events of opulence and wealth to satisfy the upper classes. From this original investigation came Eary’s idea of exploring eighteenth century gore and surrounding it with the lavishness that comes with an abundance of flowers and lobsters. Add some vampire fangs on a group of the most beautiful boys in London and you’ve got the stunning horror story depicting a life of excess.

We saw a surprisingly amount of colour during the London Collections: Men and this collection was no exception. Eary managed to keep the balance between the bold colours, including hot pink and cobalt blue, and the details on garments. Print was controlled with a base of deep black and densely printed pieces were often paired with clean-cut, block colour tops or trousers. In other looks, the digital print was everywhere, with multiple layers of garments, including shirts and pullovers, combining different florals and photographic prints on each piece. The colours together were amazing.

Each garment had its own unique details, such as topstitching, binding, zips and furs, while clean cut trousers would have details such as placements prints across the knees or paths of laces that wrapped around the legs. We particularly loved Eary’s take on the classic biker jacket, which was produced not in the classic leather, but instead out of a large floral print yet still kept the traditional details and shape.

We also got to seen a preview of the women’s collection, and it was clear that while the clothes wear designed for men, once again they could easily be unisex. Yay, more amazing things for us to lust after! The accessories too could easily be transferred to a girl’s wardrobe, with super chunky metal necklaces, which were layered one on top of the other and wrapped around the neck. More importantly we want the sunglasses and the 90s throwback style trainers with their hot pink details and contrast soles.

We spotted the familiar faces of some awesome boys while backstage at the show, including the wonderful Anders Hayward and Jasper at Elite Models London, so make sure you check out Cecilie Harris' backstage photos below. So to summarise - we have amazing boys plus the fact that they were sporting fangs and covered head to toe in hot pink prints of flowers and blue lobsters… yes please!

Photography by Cecilie Harris.
Words and illustration by Hannah Fickling.

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