LCM: Joseph SS15

18 June 2014

If there were any hints towards the Joseph SS15 presentation it was the slick white invitations engraved with silver lining. Joseph kept things perfectly simple, set in their Brook Street store with a minimalist interior design consisting of white cubes taking centre stage against the untouched white walls - a focus was on the clothes.

It was a cool vibe at the Joseph space as it started with the ringing of the funky music that lightly echoed around the room as some of our Boys by Girls favourites made their way into the space. The Joseph casting was spot on including such favourites as Reece Sanders at FM Agency and the awesome Matthew Bell at Elite Models London, who all brought a youthful spirit to the collection.

Youth was a starting point of the show as the garments had a focus on streetwear, inspired by ‘Brooklyn Gangs’ by photographer Bruce Davidson. This was translated through in sports inspired bomber jackets and matching printed two pieces which had been developed from Davidson’s images. The floral and paint splattered-like prints looked almost graffiti like from a distance re-enforcing the street influences of the collection. Joseph balanced the urban influences by sending down kimono sleeved tailored shirts mixed with loose streetwear and layered knits conveying freedom in the form of flowing silhouettes and expressive prints.

While the models looked a little moody stomping down the runway. The idea? Well Joseph created their own gang, the Joseph gang - influenced by the streets of Brooklyn (think 1959 except in 2014 and in London).

Details of the collection included socks and sandals, matching knit pieces, white denim and ecru knitwear. The show was perfect for spring/summer consisting of bright oranges, sailor navy and cool khaki which shone against the white walls of the Joseph space. The hair contrasted against the Brooklyn influences with Joseph keeping it slick and sleek, not very rock and roll – but that wasn’t the idea. A favourite of the ss15 presentation from the brand were the matching jet black leather shorts and shirts – very cool, very 2014 James Dean. We want to be part of your gang Joseph.

Photography by Cat Wilding.
Words by Rosie Williams.

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