LCM: James Long SS15

17 June 2014

Looking a bit like a moody teenager fresh from his den the first model sloped onto stage to open the James Long SS15 show. Hood firmly pulled up over his head, he looked like a new age grunger. With a backpack loosely slung over one arm and his shorts worn low this was Hackney, meets Ibiza with a dash of cage fighter and Jesus styling for good measure.

Sportswear has fully commanded the runways for SS15, but Long's was a unique interpretation.

The story? A retired cage fighter in an exotic location. The result? Woven mesh knitwear, satin boxer shorts and distorted logos. The contradiction of hippie New Age traveller and boxer was spelt out in the distressed sports wear. Holey hoodies were loose fitting, parkas were frayed and knitwear was stretched. The introduction of denim was welcome as were the bubble padded backpacks that drew the eye and broke up the collection.

Styling was suitably casual as the boys sported round sunglasses, flowing tresses and coloured socks and sandals. The hair hit the collar bone and segments had been painted in greens and pink- Kurt Conbain eat your hair out.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Nellie Eden.

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