LCM: Christopher Shannon SS17

13 June 2016
One... two... fifty-three... eighty. Yet another bin liner full of last night's remains. Broken plates, empty beer cans and a few photographs of old 'friends', a lot can happen in one night. New jeans torn and t-shirts mangled, the party's over folks.

Reggae vibes for Christopher Shannon's 'Provincial Heartbreak' Spring Summer 2017 collection creates a bubbly (if somewhat raucous), everything-is-going-to-be-okay vibe. Heavily distressed denim with varsity feels paraded down the runway, as Shannon explored denim across the decades. Inspired by his 'dis-satisfaction with fashion's current reliance on self-referencing', Sports Direct had a sneaky little mention. 'Lovers' and 'Haters Direct' were plastered on tops and the classic cheap bag (you know, the £1.50 we won't be seen dead carrying, but they always offer at the checkout) was reinvented with a touch of Shannon. Loose ends and double ended T-shirts met denim leg warmers for a kinky kick. Shannon looked to Robert Mapplethorpe and Peter Mitchell's photography for inspiration this season, and Judy Blame took the ropes on necklaces, badges and belts.
Monday morning and you're on your way into work for another week. Treading on smashed glass at your bus stop and knocking over beer bottles on the side walk, you scuff your feet on the curb. It's a common sight in the UK (with the odd spew of sick in the corner) and sportswear brand Hi-Tec ran with the idea as inspiration for the footwear seen on the runway.
It's pretty safe to say that minimalistic chic was so last season. Grab the cheese grater, scissors and get those arm muscles pulling apart seams, because loose ends are the new hemline. With arguably his best collection yet, Christopher Shannon calls in the fashion army for a much needed reality check: let's get back to the design. Shannon was on great form this season with possibly our favorite collection yet.

Words by Savannah Liu.
Photography by Cleo Glover.

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