LCM: Christopher Shannon SS16

13 June 2015

There’s a slight buzz that runs through the air as the audience starts to anticipate what’s to come, and for a brief second everyone holds their breath. It starts with a dimming of the lights, a deeply voiced count down and then music. Deep, thumping music. This, we think, sums up the collection perfectly. The atmosphere is one of a party. Imagine sitting in a room with a few hundred people as suddenly the song “RoundUp Ready” by Leslie Winer bursts onto the speakers and immediately, as if it was a call to arms, the whole audience turns their attention to the first model coming out and in a single perfect synchronized movement grab for their phones. Seeing a boy in a bikini top will generally do that to you.

Bikinis on bombers, tight red mini shorts and a whole lot of leg were the themes of the day at Christopher Shannon this LCM. The sport luxe collection played with shapes, gender bending in the form of some skorts/ skirts (we couldn’t quite work out which) and some white paint thrown on their hair for good measure. He continued with his signature looks of shirting and blocking, but this time giving it that extra summer twist.

Summer hedonism in the form of Marbella frenzies was the vibe and the designer quoted ‘exuberant foam parties’ as a source of inspiration for the collection. The palette was dominated by navy, black and white with accents of fluro tones to add connotations of holiday partying. The fabrics were also representative of this wilder side to Shannon’s designs as he used finer gauge knits, jerseys and even foam knits just to spice things up a little.

Christopher collaborated with CAT for the third season for this collection, featuring exclusive twists on the terrain trainer with gum and transparent soles. He even branched out into a sandal to tie together the fragmented sportswear and holiday wear vibe.

The atmosphere at Shannon was contagious. Just like the man himself, it was full of cheek and spark. Nothing was out of bounds and the aim was to have fun. His goal was to let the audience feel like we were on holiday with the lads, and this is something he undoubtedly achieved.

P.S, if you don’t follow Christopher Shannon on Instagram, you should. He is the King of throwing shade.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by India Opie Meres.

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