LCM: Christopher Shannon SS15

16 June 2014

Emos: the most persecuted and picked-upon of all the British youth sub-cultures. Let’s face it the get-up has made them easy targets for fashion bullies, but they may well have found a style- crusader in the form of Christopher Shannon and his SS15 show. Christopher has long been a defender of bad taste (dolphin motifs and tribal tattoos feature on his defendable trends list), and despite this collection honouring some of those dubious references his collections are always, well, magic.

The show opened at one hundred miles an hour. Shannon had fully transported us all to his own private under-world club. The screens flashed with black and white pasted graphics, Bjork’s voice came whinnying out of the speakers and Shannon’s man stepped on the main stage. First things first, the guys where rocking Prodigy hair (if you’re twenty or under, I’m talking about Miley Cyrus style twisted knots) reflective aviator sunglasses and hard-wear boots. Like pumped-up noughties club-kids, the boys pounded down the runway looking like new-age rave sports stars. It was great to see Matt Ardell back on the model cast, which we missed last season, along with an otherwise strong ensemble from Christopher as expected. Respect.

Shannon played to his strong suit and wowed with graphic print jumpers and sweatshirt fabric shorts. Parkas seem to be a thing this season and Shannon’s were cut asymmetrically, or white and oversized with large pockets at the front (perfect for moshing in no doubt). Super slogan jumpers in black and white and airtex jackets with decoupage style prints had us chomping at the bit. Knitted long-sleeved polo shirts and matching shorts were striped green and red, and Shannon showed his crafty side in cut-out style T-shirts and basketball shorts.

Shannon had cast boys who were able to compete with the hi-tempo rave he was throwing. The adrenaline was high, the music pulsating and the boys were bulls ready to charge; powerful, machismo and virile. Like the boys the show was strong and exhilarating.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Nellie Eden.

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