LCM: Christopher Raeburn SS17

13 June 2016
Fly me to the moon. Joke, buy me SS17 Christopher Raeburn clothes. What did little you want to be when you grew up? An actor, a policeman, an astronaut? Taking us on a cosmonaut journey with dialogue over catwalk music and luna inspired motifs, Raeburn landed his audience in a pit of inspiring fabric innovation and his version of a 'terrestrial dystopian future'.
'Remade', 'recycled' and 'reused' emblazoned the front of several of the sweaters, reflecting the sustainable nature of the brand. Forever taking his audience on adventures around the world, this time he went to the stars and beyond to bring new collaborations with Avery Dennison RBIS. Together they created a yarn blend comp weave boasting geometric patterns in monochrome with layering options.
Pockets were in abundance as multi-functionality and utilitarian detailing played a key role. I mean, what astronaut doesn't have pockets? And of course, what outfit isn't complete without detachable woven badges and oversized velcro straps? Boyish and extremely wearable, hard wearing space elements makes it every boy-naut's dream collection. Soft, dusty greys and bright whites on Tyvek material connoted soft peaks of the moon and the buoyancy of anti-gravity behaviour. It was a graceful and sleek modern day creation which dared to enter the space race.

Words by Savannah Liu.
Photography by Maud Maillard.

Chris Raeburn_011
Chris Raeburn_02
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