LCM: Christopher Raeburn SS16

15 June 2015

The sound of thunder and boys with long teased hair. Walking into Christopher Raeburn took you straight out of the concrete jungle that is London and freed your mind to the rainforests of Borneo; an evidently huge influence for this season's Christopher Raeburn collection.

Models stride down the runway showing off an array of textures and materials; cork woven into backpacks and netted jackets, alluding to the natural resources and weaving techniques used by the tribal communities. The theme of jungle survival shines through the whole collection - reclaimed military surplus, work wear denim and unforgettable (and adorable!) orangutan bags.

Christopher Raeburn has found a concept that he has perfected from the clothing, all the way down to the music creating a steady beat to the boys' footsteps. You can see the passion and the nonchalant attitude in his collection, creating the coolest of vibes.

Words by Molly Rose Baker.
Photos by Maud Maillard.

Christopher Raeburn1
Christopher Raeburn2
Christopher Raeburn5
Christopher Raeburn6
Christopher Raeburn7
Christopher Raeburn8
Christopher Raeburn8
Christopher Raeburn9
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