LCM: Christopher Raeburn AW15

11 January 2015

Survival: the state or fact of continuing to live or exist, typically in spite of an accident, ordeal, or difficult circumstances. For AW15 Christopher Raeburn left us wishing we were deep sea divers, venturing from the parameters of an urban London to explore the depths of the exotic seas.

The show opened with a bang and a rattle amidst whispers of the ocean, sending vibrations through the bodies of audience members. As the lights flashed on and off in an instance, the music pulsating, we were clinging on for dear life. Come rescue us Christopher Raeburn!

Returning for this season with his RAFT collection, Raeburn presented us with his signature of recycled materials. This time however from the depths of the ocean, somewhere far, far away from the build-up streets of the London setting. Opening this seasons show were panelled parkas and bomber jackets made using the remains of the upper section on a life raft (used to attract attention at sea), in an explosive palette of flame orange and golden yellows. Christopher was channelling lifeguard chic. Graphics were a plenty with arrows RIGHT —> and UP ^ featuring on coats and jackets. Graphic prints followed with joggers, sweat shirts and t-shirts plastered in shark and shark tooth prints. Raeburn had us fully immersed in his playful and humorous take on AW15.

However style and purpose still remained at the forefront of this seasons delivery. Styles and shapes were re-imagined including the puffer jacket, taking form in that inflatable latex rubber jacket, which was presented in scarlet red and, bottom-of-the-ocean black. We want.

Further elements of the show included; blue jackets with black fur stole inserts, caps, gilets in red and sea blue, interesting black and brown prints, an exclusive shoe and boot in collaboration with Purified, slicked back quiffs and the playful exploration of technique and colour. It is fair to say Christopher Raeburn most certainly delivered on creativity, re-appropriating the life raft, adding the fun factor to day 2 of LCM AW15.

Photography by Sophie Mayanne.
Words by Rosie Williams.

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