LCM: Casely Hayford SS16

14 June 2015

An almost clashing blend of biker jackets and demure come together in this melting pot which is Casely Hayford. An iconic feeling hits the stage. The boys stride out to thudding music, steps coinciding.

The sports element with a tailored edge. The bold colours jutting out as the light washes the boys skin to a luminous white. The room reverberates as the styles continue to pour in, an eclectic mix of boys, each garment highlighting slightly different youth aspects, all of which are done under the umbrella of well executed presision.

Layers cut one on top of the other, as this collection follows on from their layering up of AW15 pieces. The mostly mute colour pallet except from the occational shock of red, blue or green. Just as you believe you have gotten used to the lul in colours, a new bright shade takes the stage - a boy boldly walking out, bathing in light. Subject to every gaze in the audience, every glare of the lens.

Bold lights, colours, edges and boys. As the words to the song playing over the speakers reverberate though the building 'Its provocative'.

You have provoked us, provoked our words, provoked our eyes.

Photography by Maud Maillard.
Words by Liz Ord.

Casely Hayford1
Casely Hayford2
Casely Hayford3
Casely Hayford4
Casely Hayford5
Casely Hayford6
Casely Hayford7
Casely Hayford7
Casely Hayford8
Casely Hayford9
Casely Hayford10
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