LCM: Bobby Abley SS17

11 June 2016

A plane ticket in hand, a room filled with strobe lighting and all-consuming dubstep. Bobby Abley transported us by flying carpet to a dystopian Aladdin’s cave with sexuality rubbing itself all over you; like a dingy dive bar that you can’t help thinking is the coolest place on earth.

PVC was in abundance in a two-piece crop top and shorts ensemble, teamed with a matching PVC, not so innocent, teddy bear bag. These two pieces reoccurred throughout the collection in a multitude of muted beige, a curve ball from Abley’s usual colossal use of vibrant colour. The boys, including BBG's Chariffe Graeves at Wilhelmina Models, hit the catwalk with a surge of masculine innocence.

Arabic style motifs decorated the muted tones, as well as pops of accent colours with applique Abu (Aladdin’s monkey). Although the collection exhibited a decent amount of beige, colour was not absent with a full-length sequined orange gown and contrasting rouge and navy oversized-faux fur jackets. Splashes of pink, red and clue, added colour fun in this playful spring summer '17 collection.

Once again, Bobby Abley delivered an eccentric club kid scene, a fun, sexy and yet childish at heart collection.

Words by Lucy Samantha Martin.
Photography by Caoimhe Hahn.

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