LCM: Agi & Sam SS17

12 June 2016
Think back 50 years ago to what the ideal vision of a man was. He was the type that kissed his wife goodbye in the morning, as she handed him his lunch for the day before he spent the next eight hours at a desk to play breadwinner; in return there would be dinner for him on the table, a polished wife in an immaculate house and well-behaved children. Now think back to yesterday, what were your thoughts on the modern day man? Perhaps you think about your partner grooming his beard with specialist oils, or maybe you walked downstairs to him cooking breakfast for the family. The subversion of social norms has been a hot topic for a while now, and yesterday morning, AGI & SAM showed their version of 'the modern man' for Spring Summer 2017.
Open necked shirts and jackets created a dramatic silhouette hoarding layers of decadent floral weaves and geometric window panes. It was a relaxed interpretation of deconstructed tailoring that emphasised not only a unique modern twist for the overall collection, but also a thoughtful reflection of the wear'n'tear of a hard day's work. Modern as it was, there were still influences from the past. WWII military flight jackets and sport team jackets from the 70s and 90s were met by fabulous fros on several of the models including BBG Boy, Ben Rees at AMCK.
We couldn't help but fall in love with Linda Farrow's Tortoiseshell wide frame glasses as a key accessory to the collection, as well as the pink flowers attached to some of the model's faces (good luck getting those off guys). Another unusual accessory were the brightly coloured washing up gloves, clearly referencing the domestic tasks of a household and the changing gender roles of the 21st century.
AGI & SAM married the past and present man together in a beautiful sweep of Italian wools, cottons and technical performance fabrics. Muted pinks and neutral tones sung harmoniously with the gingham and pinstripe patterns. Dusting off the cobwebs of past ideologies of what a 'real man' should be, the duo pave the way for Spring Summer 2017.

Words by Savannah Liu.
Photography by Caoimhe Hahn.

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