Krow for Issue 15

7 October 2019

Photography and Interview Cecilie Harris
Fashion Nathan Henry
Grooming Christopher Gatt
Photography Assistant Georgie Fenny
Fashion Assistant Robbie Henry

What if you were presented with an outfit you absolutely hated, and you had to wear that same outfit every day? Would you keep wearing it or simply change it for something you are more comfortable in; that you can feel more like yourself in? This is the image Krow at Supa Model Management paints when trying to describe what it’s like to feel that you were born into the wrong body. Krow knew from an early age that he didn’t fit into the female body he was born with. The body knows what words do not. Skin colliding like glaciers. Finally, he is able to breathe comfortably in his own skin.

"It kind of feels like when you’re a young kid and your parents are dressing you, and there is that one outfit that you absolutely hate, and you just don’t want to wear it. Imagine that your parents make you wear that outfit every single day, but they don’t know you don’t like it because you don’t say anything. You deal with it every day and at some point, you realise it hasn’t grown on you and you just break, realising that you still hate it with all your soul. You just don’t want it. It feels like finally taking that outfit off and putting on something you want and chose - not what everyone else wants you to have, to wear, to look like, and to be."

For issue 15, I spend the day with the Vancouver model in a small studio in London. Even his shyness demanded the space, whilst he laughed at his own jokes and shared his playful side. He carries a beautiful self-awareness that is easy to be drawn to. It’s an intriguing journey, which we explore in an honest interview for our brand new issue. In addition, if you want to get the full experience of his transformation, we can also recommend his documentary, Krow’s TRANSformation, which recently premiered at Raindance Film Festival.

To enjoy our exclusive story with Krow, you can now take in the full 12-page story beyond these few teasers. Our Autumn Winter ’19 issue Glede is available to buy online and in select stores worldwide.

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