Kojey Radical for Issue 7

20 January 2015

Septem - the quantity of days in a week, the Latinate translation for the numeral before eight and essentially, the sub-title of our new issue, indeed the release date of issue number Seven is upon us. Like all previous BBG Issues, we’re proud of every page, each subtly encapsulating what BBG stands for, the beautiful expression of a certain boy’s life.

I became obsessed with reading you
more than the text on your skin.
The scars of a love soaked
knife wound paint
vivid pictures but with hindsight
you will consider the incisions worth
That Hamlet is no good for you
Didn't daddy teach you better?
Like decisions made in anger
the out come will only reemble

This issue you are able to turn to a page, flecked by a talented poet, or spoken word artist if you like, as artist Kojey Radical reveals the current chapter of his life. Content in the confines of his father’s two-story house, Kojey subsists, absorbing all elements of the house’s creative ambiance. The 70s tone, the velvet sofa, the cassettes and the turntable, all accountable for many of the artist’s inspirations.

Liable for capturing the creative’s authenticity, Cecilie Harris joins Kojey as he eases into his next poetic project; so much so that he unashamedly admits to regularly finding himself rambling around, talking about everything and anything he can think of. Stylist Karen Munnis, joins in on the act, pitching in a few pieces from Christopher Shannon, touching on elements of the modern mod. It was once stated, ‘poetry is just the evidence of life’, but for this poet it seems all evidence of life, is just poetry.

Kojey recently released his debut album "Dear Daisy", and will have you sat listening to every single word he is communicating whilst you swag a little and feel good.

Boys by Girls Magazine Issue 7, including Kojey's words about life, poetry and how velvet sofa's may or may not be what girls look for in a man, is now available to purchase in our stockists or via our website here.

Words by Fenn O'Meally.

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