King Of The Ring

17 April 2015

The bell rings, ding ding - it’s time to fight. Fists up, elbows locked in and heart pounding as stamina filled feet slowly lure towards the opponent. The caution and fear of pain are buried by the concentration of tactics. Imagining the crowd cheering, remembering the hard earned hours of practice and thirst for success. Damaging hits can destroy, but it’s not how you fall, it’s how you pick yourself back up again. Wipe the sweat. Spit the blood. Throw the punch. Finish it. Win.

Photographer Nicola Collins reunites the Boys by Girls readers with Michael Morgan, taking him to a familiar place to document the two paths the AMCK Model has been acquainted with. Essex Flight Academy is the setting that introduces Michael to our sight. Nicola, with her own love of sport, works to display the connection and understanding of the physical activity of boxing in each black and white frame. John Mullan is the groomer on board creating a sharp and clean appearance.

A realist approach is taken with styling, brought together by Teena Collins, using a small set of brands such as Best Days Vintage and Weekend Offender wrapping the model in light, yet suitable pieces.

Michael, now 21, has been boxing since the age of 14. From learning the basics the AMCK boy has quickly become the King Of The Ring. Taking control within the shots he is able to show an inner strength filtering through a stronger physical structure. Still we are able to see a happy soul occasionally breaking into a smile. Describing himself as determined, confident and honest we invite you to view the full flow of the young model and boxer below.

Above: Sweatshirt by HERO'S HEROINE.

Above: Vest by OTHER UK and Boxing Gloves by WEEKEND OFFENDER.

Above Right: Sweatshirt by BEST DAYS VINTAGE.

Above Right: Hat by NICCE, Sweatshirt by BEST DAYS VINTAGE and Shorts by OTHER UK.

Above Left: Sweatshirt by BEST DAYS VINTAGE.


Words by Rachel Abebrese.

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