15 July 2015

We are born into family. Parents or guardians act as figures of leadership, siblings and cousins are looked up to - the people you come home to at the end of a long day. As you age, the format of your family unit begin to evolve. The people you surround yourself with become your extended family.

Today we are all image-makers, and everyone takes pictures of their families. As photographers, sometimes we forget this. For Swedish photographer Lena Modigh, her son Vincent is her photographic muse. In this intimate series of portraits, she captures the inbetween, the quiet, and unspoken moments of her son's every day life.

Vincent allows his mother into his world, his unseen universe and youthful ease. Unphased by the lens, Lena focuses on his quiet presence and his innocence. The natural moments of their day. He is quiet and serene. Calm and collected. He reminds you of those moments in chilhood, where you sat on the doorstep and considered the days events, fretted over baked beans or peas for tea, and gazed wide eyed and the commotion of the world around you.

Lena reminders us to celebrate the small moments and to photograph the essence of the people that surround us every day. To shoot what matters to you, the moments you want to freeze in time forever.

Words by Fraser Stannage.

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