27 May 2015

The movement, attitude and aesthetic of youth is both captivating and fascinating. There is something specifically unique about capturing the boy. The way they are free to explore any possibilites, the innovation to explore deep into their minds and thoughts without hesitation. The images we relate to the most are the ones with soul. Images with a hidden personal story. The freckles that diffuse a face, the dimples on the cheeks, the expression half way through laughter.

Photographer Amber Grace Dixon captures Kaine (AMCK Models) in a series of mid-moments of laughter and boyishness. She documents in a seamless way, highlighting the aspects of youth we wish we could hold onto forever. The images that you find yourself lost in gazing at them for hours, the images that you wish to create, the images that you relate too. Her imagery is documented in a natural way that represents the real teenager, evoking emotion that lies beneath the surface. Amber isn’t afraid of breaking the barrier to delve into the mindset of inner youth, the moods, and personality that exude powerful intimicay.

No stranger to Boys by Girls, Amber is known for creating heartbreaking portraits and captivating imagery. Styled by Lucy Alexandra Hamilton, there’s a casual yet sporty vibe perfecting the vision of street wear. Check out her most recent editorial feature for Boys by Girls ‘Something About Jonjo’.

Words by Vilija Kasiginaite.

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