Joe Sugg for Issue 15

17 October 2019

Photographer and Interview Cecilie Harris
Fashion Nathan Henry
Grooming Jennie Roberts
Photography Assistant Georgie Fenny
Fashion Assistant Matilda Snäll
Special thanks to Nobu London Hotel Shoreditch

The last decade created a new world; new rules, new opportunities, new faces. A world where social media leaves everything in the palm of our hands. In the midst of this, we find Joe Sugg - a British YouTuber who quickly embraced this new playground and has now entertained a new YouTube generation for seven years with his channel ThatcherJoe.

As YouTube has exploded in the last few years, I really wanted to have a conversation with one of the key people that has been part of this explosion. Joe is one of the British YouTubers that is now a household name - his humble beginnings on YouTube has expanded into television and recently, London's West End. In his issue fifteen interview, he provides his perspective as a content creator and we bond over the importance of finding balance. Although his job is to create online content, he is also the first to know when to switch off. It’s all about balance. Knowing when to be online and when to be offline - and remembering that some things are simply meant to stay in the moment.

"I’m quite a nostalgic person, so I live in the past quite a lot. I’m like a time-traveller; I’ll go from living in the future to the present and the past. Living in the future can be scary and brings a bit of anxiety if I think about it too much. Living in the past can be great, but I try not to stay in the past too much. I think happiness is living in the present moment and creating memories to look back on later in life."

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