Jansen In Mexico

21 January 2015

Hidden in the streets of suburban Mexico, where the sun beats down on dust lined pavements and quaint streets, photographer Irene Armesto documents Jansen (Bang Management) in the late afternoon hours.

Exercising in the streets, Jansen has an aura of laid back cool that fits seamlessly in the golden shades of the afternoon sun, and frolicks amongst the subdued black and white tones. With piercing eyes and a sharp jawline, his image exudes boyishness whilst resembling a hint of gentlemanly qualities. Holding a cigarette astrew, he plays with a profound confidence and knowledge that we are not in Mexico too, we can only simply wish that we were.

Clothing from Rosa Pistola adds to the series laidback realism and boyish charm, the simple sporty edge lying hand in hand with the activities. Embrace the late afternoon sun, and walk, run and jump through the sanded streets of Mexico.

Words by Sophie Mayanne.

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