Jamie And Reece For APCY

6 December 2012

Today we let you see another exclusive look at Boys by Girls’ brand new issue ‘A Place Called Youth’, with two of our favourite models of the moment: Jamie Wise and Reece Sanders (New York Model Management). We love the chance to work with other female photographers and for our latest issue we managed to combine this with a shoot in one of fashion’s major cities, New York. Add this our models being two of fashion’s coolest, most lovely guys and the Boys by Girls team are very happy bunnies. Both incredibly successful and strong models, Jamie is in fact currently ranked #31 of male models by models.com.

New York based photographer Shirley Yu managed to capture both of the boys during their latest stay in New York. After attempting to book both of the boys separately, our lovely photographer was surprised by the pair when Reece also turned up for the shoot after not flying back to the UK… although we do see the irony of shooting in New York with two lovely London boys! We really wanted to capture the guys in their natural habitat and this meant going up to the roof of their apartment.

The images reveal what the guys do in their spare time, how they escape the busy world of fashion and showcase their personalities in their own personal spaces. This is their home away from home and their bubble outside of the busy world of fashion and shows. It’s no secret that Jamie is a big music boy – anyone that’s been following his recent progress will have heard some of his own recordings and music – but its great to see both him and Reece (who also raps) jamming on their guitars. In such a personal and intimate setting, and without styling or staging, this shoot shows us exactly who these boys are. We love them all the more for it!

You can see the boys’ full editorial by Shirley in our brand new issue ‘A Place Called Youth’ which is for the first time available on news stands! Click here for stockist information and make sure you keep checking back for more previews of the issue.

Jamie Wise_NS25
Jamie Wise_NS26
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