Jake Cooper For APCY

13 December 2012

Continuing our previews for our latest issue “A Place Called Youth” we present you with our cover boy Jake Cooper (Select Model Management). Describing himself as a “20 year-old Country Bumpkin” we were very excited to capture Jake and all his trademark goodness in his own environment and find out more about the stunning model!

Shot in his home, the editorial by photographer Cecilie Harris, is a beautifully relaxed observation of Jake at home in London. Unposed, Jake was captured in various parts of his flat. It is amazing what you can learn from a boy’s bedroom wall.

We love discovering secret sides to our boys and especially have a soft spot in our hearts for those that we find out have secret artistic talents; and Jake is no exception. After discovering that he could paint we made sure that could feature some of his beautiful work in our 4th issue! We are so drawn to the blend of bright colours he has used in the portrait and honestly cannot wait to see what else this talented boy can do with his artistic skills.

We also feature a pretty deep and rather marvellous interview with Mr Cooper, so make sure you pick up a copy of “A Place Called Youth” from one of the many stockists or you can order online. Not that we’re going to give anything away, but you could learn some pretty interesting things about this stunning boy. Grooming by Fiona Tanner.

Jake looking glorious on the cover of our fourth issue "A Place Called youth".

Jake Cooper_NS1
Jake Cooper_NS2
Jake Cooper_NS3
Jake Cooper_NS4
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